On Sunday 15th May 2016, at the university of łódź

The Department of English and General Linguistics at the University of Łódź, in association with the Evidence, Causation and Argumentation Project, held the first session of WILL: An Argumentation Forum, at the Faculty of Philology in Łódź. The aim of this meeting was to discuss the theory and practice of argument and reasoning from a linguistics perspective.

The Workshop provoked a great deal of high quality debate and discussion and the organisers would like to thank everyone who took part. Below, some of the presentations given on the day are now available.


Opening address: Piotr Stalmaszczyk

Kamila Dębowska-Kozłowska

Tracing Argumentation in Focus Group Discussions - Goals, Features and Outcomes

Carlo Martini

Evidence-based Argumentation

Katarzyna Budzynska & Marcin Koszowy

Mining Logos and Ethos from Dialogue

Piotr Cap

Proximization Theory as a Theory of Legitimization in Political/Public Discourse

Miklós Könczöl

Aristotle on the Scope of (Legal) Argumentation

Arkadiusz Schmeichel

Incorporating the Basics of Logical Argumentation Formation into an Academic Writing Course

Roland Bluhm

Causal Argument

Martin Hinton

Slippery Slope Arguments


We are planning to bring out a volume entitled 'The Philosophy of Argumentation' as part of a series with Peter Lang: Studies in Philosophy of Language and Linguistics.. More details will be available soon. Anyone interested in contributing should write to: WILL2016lodz@gmail.com

Organisers: Dr Martin Hinton, Dr Carlo Martini

Future Workshops

Please register your interest in future editions of WILL at the following e-mail address: will2016lodz@gmail.com


The City of łódź

Information on travel, both to and from, and around the city of Łódź, as well as accommodation options, can be found by clicking below.

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PhiLang 2017

We also host a major biennial conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics. PhiLang 2017 will feature sessions on Argumentation.

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Argumentation in Poland

The Polish School of Argumentation was the subject of a recent special issue of the journal Argumentation.

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