Online Teaching

All teaching this semester will take place online. Please visit the 'Courses' page to get details for your class, and check regularly for updates. Consultations will be conducted online by appointment.

Publication in Argumentation

My paper Corpus Linguistics Methods in the Study of (Meta)Argumentation has been published in the journal Argumentation, and is now available online.

Position with ArgDiaP

I have been elected as Deputy Chair of ArgDiaP, the Polish argumentation association, for the term 2020-2022. More information about the organisation's activities can be found here.

Informal Argument Semantics

A brief overview of my tool for the evaluation of natural language argumentation is now available here.

Short Publication

A short reply to John Wagemans's response to an article of mine in Social Epistemology, has just been made available here.

New Publications

A thematic issue of Research in Language, under my editorship, has just been published, featuring two articles to which I have contributed. Also, the proceedings of the 2018 ISSA conference, are now available. My paper 'On Fallacy and Language' begins at page 505.

Special Issue of SLGR

The special issue of Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric, edited by Marcin Koszowy and me, has just been released. The full issue, including my paper, is available here.

Office Hours

During the new 2020/2021 winter semester, all consultations will be online and by appointment. Please feel free to write to me with any questions or to arrange an online meeting.


Since October 2014, I have been an assistant professor in the Department of English and General Linguistics in the Institute of English studies at the University of Łódź. My research work is in the field of Argumentation Theory. I am Deputy Chair of the Polish argumentation society ArgDiaP, and a member of the European APPLY project on public argumentation.

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