Conference Presentations

Below are my recent conference presentations, any comments are welcome.

Siena, 2022. Action and Identity

ArgDiaP, Warsaw, September 2018. Mining Meta-arguments in Online Corpora

ISSA, Amsterdam, July 2018. On Fallacy and Language

WILL Two, Łódź, May 2018. The use of emotive and evaluative terms in argument

Argument Strength, Toulouse, April 2018. Argument Strength as Degree of Purpose Achievement

Accents, Łódź, December 2017. Accents of Persuasion

ECA, Fribourg, July 2017. On Arguments from testimony

Expert Disagreement, Dublin, May 2017. Why the Fence is the Seat of Reason

Philang, Łódź, May 2017. On Arguments from Ignorance