Current Research

My main focus of research is currently on argumentation theory. I am particularly interested in argument evaluation and fallacy theory. Other areas in which I work include philosophy of language and linguistics, rhetoric, and social epistemology.

I have recently been looking at how insights from these fields can be applied in the development of XArg - eXplainable Argumentation. XArg is designed to be both analogous to and applicable in XAI.

I cooperate with the following research groups: LANCAR, directed by Jean Wagemans at the University of Amsterdam; The Centre for Applied Rhetoric, directed by Agnieszka Budzynska-Daca at the University of Warsaw; The New Ethos Laboratory, directed by Katarzyna Budzynska at the Techinal University of Warsaw; and Working Group 2 of the European Network for Argumentation and Public Policy Analysis, led by Frank Zenker and Jan Albert van Laar. I am also deputy chair of the Polish argumentation group ArgDiaP.