Special Session at PhiLang

Wallace Stevens Workshop

Figurative language and philosophy of language

American poet Wallace Stevens is considered as one of the giants of modernity. His voluminous work includes theoretical and also poetical reflections of his own poetical praxis. This makes him into a philosophical poet or a poet of ideas par excellence. This special session should address all aspects of Wallace Stevens' poetic praxis as well as his theoretical writings reflecting this praxis. Special attention will be given to the following themes:

* Stevens’ account of metaphor and figurative language in general, esp. in relation to contemporary accounts of metaphor

* The role of figurative language in facilitating the relation between language and reality

* Language of fiction and of Supreme Fiction

* Stevens' relation to other philosophers of language

We plan to publish the papers presented in a special volume on Wallace Stevens in our series with Peter Lang.

All enquiries and expressions of interest should be addressed to Kacper Bartczak (University of Lodz, kacper@uni.lodz.pl) and Jakub Mácha (Masaryk University, Brno, macha@mail.muni.cz).