Conference Archive

The PhiLang series of conferences has generated a large number of high quality publications.

Several volumes with work originating in PhiLang 2015, 2017, 2019, & 2021 have been released by Peter Lang Publishers, as part of the Studies in Philosophy of Language and Linguistics series.

Papers from 2017 have also been published in the volumes Topics in Syntax and Semantics and Philosophical Insights into Pragmatics.

A special issue of the Journal of Pragmatics featuring papers from PhilArg 2021 will appear soon. A number of other special issues have also been published. Papers presented at PhiLang and PhilArg in 2017 are collected in the journal Studia Semiotyczne, as well as a thematic issue of Studies in Logic, Grammar, and Rhetoric. Work presented in 2019 features in a further issue of Studia Semiotyczne.

The links below provide information on volumes published following earlier PhiLang conferences.

PhiLang 2009

Philosophy of Language and Linguistics

Turning Points in the Philosophy of Language and Linguistics

PhiLang 2011

Philosophical and Formal Approaches to Linguistic Analysis

Kwartalnik Neofilologiczny LXVIII/3 (in English)

Lodz Papers in Pragmatics 7.2. Special Issue on Context and Contextualism (open access)

PhiLang 2013

Issues in Philosophy of Language and Linguistics

Philosophy of Language and Linguistics. The Legacy of Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein

Semantics and Beyond. Philosophical and Linguistic Inquiries