PhilArg: a Special Session at PhiLang

The Philosophy of Argumentation

In recent years the field of Argumentation has grown rapidly and spread in many directions. Events held in Łódź have concentrated in particular on the relationship between language and linguistics, and argument. PhilArg, as part of PhiLang, will not neglect this dimension of argument theory, but is open to research investigating all philosophical principles underlying the study of argumentation. The sessions look to bring together scholars working on formal and informal approaches to argument, those employing technology to 'mine' arguments, as well those with more traditional methods. Our aim is to organise an event which presents argumentation research in the round, and is particularly aware of the philosophical foundations upon which it stands.

Plenary speaker:

Ulrike Hahn (Birkbeck College): Norms for Real World Argument.

Please remember to fill out and return a registration form by 30th March. Details can be found on the comference home page.

Possible topics are wide-ranging but include:

* Language and Argument

* Fallacy Theory

* Logic in Argumentation

* Argument-mining

* Rhetoric and Argument

* Formal Approaches

* Bayesian Theory

* Argumentative Discourse

* Modes of Argument

All enquiries and expressions of interest should be addressed to dr Martin Hinton - martin.hinton(at)