PhilArg: a Special Session at PhiLang

The Philosophy of Argumentation

The third edition of the PhilArg workshop aims to continue the investigation of the philosophical foundations of argumentation theory, and, in particular, to examine further its links with linguistics and the philosophy of language. We are particularly interested this year in the evaluation of arguments and in the systematic means of conducting such evaluations. We remain open to submissions to present innovative research on all aspects of argumentation, broadly understood.

As we are still unable to gain full access to our faculty building, the workshop will take place online. Please check regularly for more information and see the main PhiLang conference page for more details. The conference is currently scheduled for 14-16 May, 2021. The exact timing of the PhilArg workshop will depend on both the final form and the number of particpants.

Submissions of abstracts of up to 300 words can now be made up to the 31st January, 2021, to . Please mark your abstract 'PhilArg'. Presentations will last 30 minutes, including 10 minutes for discussion. We intend to maintain our tradition of publishing selected papers from the workshop: see the Archive for a library of past publications.

Plenary speaker:

Steve Oswald (University of Fribourg).

Possible topics are wide-ranging but include:

* Argument Evaluation

* Language and Argument

* Fallacy Theory

* Logic in Argumentation

* Argument-mining

* Rhetoric and Argument

* Formal Approaches

* Argumentative Discourse

* Modes of Argument

All enquiries and expressions of interest should be addressed to dr Martin Hinton - martin.hinton(at)

Workshop organisers: Martin Hinton, Miriam Kobierski.